About the Group

“RS-based RE”

In contrast to other existing networks and organisations dealing with religious education (RE) in Europe at various levels and in various ways, the EASR Working Group on Religion in Public Education intends to establish a firm basis for and further develop study-of-religions research on RE as well as a basis for a specific “RS-based RE didactics and school subject”, i.e. a particular form of education about religion/s based on the academic study of religions, independent from any kind of promotion of religion or support of religious institutions or communities.

Meetings, panel sessions and workshops

Meetings take place both at EASR conferences (in panel sessions or, if needed, in addition to the official conference programme) and in international workshops organised by different associates.


The working group has the intention to bring together expertise on RE from a study-of-religions perspective (i.e. a secular academic perspective as opposed to theological, interreligious or any other similar approaches) and publish those in the appropriate channels, addressing both scholars in the academic study of religions, in education, and a broader public.


Karna Kjeldsen (Associate Professor in the Study of Religions & Teacher Education, University College, Absalon),  Bengt-Ove Andreassen (Professor in the Study of Religion, The Artic University of Norway, Tromsø)


 Wanda Alberts (Germany), Jenny Berglund (Sweden), Maria Chiara Giorda (Italy), Tim Jensen (Denmark), Aleš Črnič (Slovenia)