EASR Committee Members 2020-2022


Kim Knott (United Kingdom)
Email: k.knott(à)lancaster.ac.uk


Ábrahám Kovács (Hungary)
Email: abraham.kovacs(à)ptsem.edu

Joseph Verheyden (Belgium)
Email: jos.verheyden(à)kuleuven.be

General Secretary:

Jenny Berglund (Sweden)
Email: jenny.berglund(à)hsd.su.se

Deputy General Secretary:

Chiara O. Tommasi (Italy)
Email: chiara.tommasi(à)unipi.it


William Arfman (Netherlands)
Email: W.R.Arfman(à)uvt.nl

Deputy Treasurer:

David Zbiral (Czech Republic)
Email: david.zbiral(à)post.cz

Membership Officer:

Silvia Alfayé (Spain)
Email: alfaye(à)unizar.es

Publications Officer:

Jenny Butler (Ireland)
Email: j.butler(à)ucc.ie

Internet Officer:

Carmen Becker (Germany)
Email: carmen.becker(à)irw.uni-hannover.de


The above is the list of committee members directly elected to a particular office. The Executive Committee is also composed of national delegates designated by the EASR affiliated associations.

January 22 , 2020