Membership in the EASR may take the form of individual membership, group membership via a national association, or honorary membership.

All members of the affiliated national associations are automatically members
of the EASR. Where membership of the appropriate affiliated national association is possible, individual membership will not be appropriate.

In other words, if you reside or work in a country or region with an EASR member association you do not apply for individual membership of the EASR but apply as a member of the affiliated member association. For example, if you reside or work in Finland you join the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion. Then you are automatically a member of the EASR. All current EASR member associations are listed on this website. Please check this list before you send in a request for individual membership.

There is the possibility of individual membership for „students, researchers and others who share its objective, and who are normally or occasionally resident in or have close academic ties with a European country“ (Constitution) that does not have a national or regional association affiliated to the EASR. Individual members pay a membership fee or 15 EUR p.a.

Honorary membership may be granted to individuals by the General Assembly in exceptional cases with the same rights and privileges as ordinary individual membership.

Attendance of the annual EASR conferences is not tied to membership. All are welcome to submit a paper or panel.

For further details of individual membership please apply to the Membership
Officer of the EASR or use the online application form for individual membership.

For the name and contact information of the current Membership Officer see Committee.