REMID serves as a way to make information obtained in the field of religious studies available to the public. Thus the association pursues its objective to reduce prejudices and to further mutual understanding. REMID is committed to a peaceful development of a pluralistic society founded upon respect and tolerance.
To pursue these goals, REMID has at its disposal a network of scholars, a documentation centre and archives.
REMID is not affiliated with any religion or institution, thus maintaining the highest possible degree of independence. On this basis REMID is able to offer its resources to the public.

REMID runs a statistic including smaller religious movements, non-religious groups and the contemporary spiritual field, as well as it supports a student network that aims to facilitate the entry of Study of Religion students into non-universitary job markets.

REMID is a non-profit association with a scientific advisory board in religious studies as a social science discipline independent of the theologies of religions. REMID provides information from as neutral a perspective as possible.

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