Guidelines for the Honorary Membership Committee

The Honorary Membership Committee (HMC) is appointed by the Executive Committee (EC). Its period of office corresponds to the regular three-year term of EASR officers in the EC. The HMC is composed of three members, who will choose a chairperson from their midst. Ideally, the members should be senior scholars who have been dedicated to and have served the EASR in the past. No person may be a member of the HMC for more than two terms, either consecutively or not. During his/her period of office, the chairperson of the HMC will be invited to participate, without voting rights, in the meetings of the EC. During its three-year term of office the HMC may propose up to two names for honorary membership. National associations and the group of individual members (via their representatives) may send nominations for possible candidates to the HMC, which will then evaluate them. However, each of these bodies may suggest no more than two names per term to the HMC. The HMC may propose candidates for honorary membership at any meeting of the EC during its period of office. A brief statement on the achievements and merits of each candidate will have to be included in the presentation. In case of nominations coming from a national association or from the group of individual members, this statement should be prepared by the association concerned or by the representatives of the individual members. The EC will then recommend the proposed candidates to the next General Assembly for conferment.