The EASR supports electronic networks:

  • six e-lists forming a network of discussion groups for various language regions.

The EASR facilitates their interaction but does not assume responsibility for their contents.

To subscribe to one or more EASR e-lists click on the e-list name to find detailed instructions.

The main reason for having more than one e-list is to avoid domination by any one language. Within the various language regions it may be possible to discuss different issues in different ways. This contributes to the cultural richness of Europe. At the same time dual memberships will contribute to the network effect.

It is possible to be a member of more than one list. EASR announcements will be sent to all of these lists. Membership of e-lists is usually moderated by a list manager in order to protect the list and its members from misuse. Membership of the EASR (though recommended) is not a requirement for participation in any of the lists mentioned here. Participation by persons not resident in Europe, but who share the academic interests and linguistic orientation of the list is also welcome.